Our mission is to provide ultra-fresh, sustainable seafood from local fishermen and responsible suppliers from around the globe at reasonable prices.


Quality, Price, Service and Sustainability drive our passion.


Leadership Team


Rich Manzo, classically trained at the Culinary Institute of America, honed his chef skills in Manhattan before becoming the sous chef at Mill River Inn, one of the top restaurants on Long Island. A job offer at the Little Nell in Aspen brought him to Colorado, and he later moved to Boulder, where he has owned and managed sushi restaurants and fine dining establishments. His commitment to providing award-winning dishes demanded he be able to source quality products. As a result, he has cultivated strong relationships with seafood purveyors from around the globe.

Jeff Reebie has been a resident of Colorado since moving here in 1971 to attend Colorado College. He has focused on the front of the house, serving at some of Colorado’s landmark restaurants including the Broadmoor Hotel, The Normandy and Barolo Grill, just to name a few. Jeff’s knowledge and love of wine landed him the sommelier position at Elway’s Downtown at the Ritz-Carlton.

Growing up on the East Coast, Rich and Jeff never forgot what it was like to live next to an ocean and to be able to get fresh seafood daily. Their love of fresh seafood culminated with Ocean to Plate, a sustainable seafood wholesaler, and Lobster Bliss, a food truck and restaurant based on traditional New England seafood.

Lobster Bliss owns a series of state-of-the-art lobster tanks capable of holding 2,500 pounds of live lobster. Custom-made by a marine biologist exclusively for Lobster Bliss, the water in the tanks is crystal clear and replicates the lobster’s natural environment. As a result, Lobster Bliss offers the liveliest and most healthy lobsters found anywhere.

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